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In A Nutshell

While operating as a value-added extension of our client's organization, we perform those business processes that lie outside their core competencies. We do this in a timely, cost-effective and consistently accurate manner, resulting in a reduction in costs and increased productivity for the client.

Company Profile

We are the company you call when you need computer data services with high quality results and fast turnaround. Our experience in custom programming, data entry and data processing dates back to the late 1970s. The industry has changed a lot since then and, of course, we've remained on the cutting edge of those changes.

In a busy and/or growing business, optimizing employee tasks with custom software can save countless hours of wasted time. Even a small program can pay for itself 1,000 times over throughout its life cycle.

Datakey is divided into two main departments:
Data Processing
Fast, Accurate, heads-Down
Data Entry and
Data Processing work.
Systems and Consulting
Website Development, Internet Integration, E-mail
Systems, Document
Processing, Network Security,
High-End Accounting and
Distribution Systems and
Custom Programming

Our Service bureau benefits from the availability of the tech-savvy staff of the Systems department that provides all tech support. In-turn, Systems often employs the Service Bureau to assist in data conversions for their accounting software clients, etc.

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