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 My company Sebco Books has been working with Datakey for over 20 years.  Datakey has been influential in the growth of our business.  Datakey built our full service web which integrates into our accounting platform.   About 7 years ago Datakey built our custom designed ebook platform which allowed us to offer new products that our competition did not have for sale.  
And just last year, Datakey opened the doors to our kingdom!  They designed a system that took our web site from 150,000 titles to allowing us to sell virtually every book in print (Millions!)  The growth of titles has made a major difference in acquisition of Sales reps, customers and of course overall sales!  
I highly recommend Datakey if you are looking for technology to improve your business and allow your company to grow!
- Danny Comer, President 

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Technical Details

Technologies Used

SEBCO books can be found at, and  The latter is the delivery site used by schools and libraries. All sites are developed in Ruby on Rails

The backend infrastructure is implemented on AWS utilizing Route53, RDS, and ELB with two EC2 m4.large web and sidekiq servers, an m4.xlarge SOLR search/memcache server and an m4.xlarge background worker running resque. 

SEBCO uses the Southware Excellence Series on the backend.  Data transfers from both systems occur in both batch and real time.

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